Welcome to the website of Shawn Decker,  sound artist, composer, sculptor, and teacher.  In addition to the news about my latest activities found below, there is full documentation of all my sound installation work (the artworks link), a music section with 3 full CDs worth of material that is all playable online, and links to my latest professional materials (the bio link) and a page of links to my School of the Art Institute of Chicago classes (teaching).  Click on any image for a slideshow. Many pages have both sound and video at bottom of the page as well. Enjoy!

Urkonzert is a set of three sculptures by Finnish Artist Jan-Erik Andersson, the latest in a long line of my collaborations with Jan-Erik.  I created sounds for the three seperate sculptures, two of which feature speakers made of concrete cast in the earth.  Here are two nice Youtube videos, one with narrative and one without, which offer a virtual tour of the work.

Here is the video without text narrative:  https://youtu.be/vShvLLiXsKM

Prairie  just finished a 6 week at the Herron School of Art and Design's main gallery in Indianapolis.  Prairie is a large-scale electro-acoustic sound installation which was first installed at the Chicago Cultural Center from Feb 8 to May 5, 2013, and then was shown next in a 13th Century Cathedral just outside Vienna. This piece is made up of 432 thin rods with small speakers at the tip, and with vibration motors near the base.

An older piece of mine,  Chorus, is being revived this month at the Licoln Park conservatory in Chicago. It reflects my fascination with the abundant and subtle sounds of nature—in particular, the sounds of insects. The composition is made from recordings of real insects and electronically synthesized sounds inspired by them. Working with these simple small sounds, I builds rich layers and rhythms that swell and dissipate—a collection of many individual voices coming together like a chorus.

Shawn Decker,  Prairie, installation at Klangraum, Krems AUSTRIA

My sound installation Prairie was just installed at the wonderful Klangraum in Krems Austria, and opened there this week.  The installation will be there until July 27th.

Grykes - Shawn Decker and Mark Booth - Sixspot Burnet

The experimental music duo Grykes (Shawn Decker and Mark Booth) just released a new recording on the netlabel pan y rosas.  This new release is a live recording of a performance of Grykes ot the piece Sixspot Burnet at the Empty Bottle in Chicago on Oct. 13, 2013 as part of the Articular Facet series.

An audio walk featuring recordings of several past works I have done at the Chicago Cultural Center (spanning over 15 years) is included in Jan Tichy's exhibition currently at the Chicago Cultural Center at Michigan and Randolph in downtown Chicago.

Anne Wilson and Shawn Decker: Mess

Two pieces which I collaborated with Anne Wilson on - Mess (shown on their outdoor video display) and Errant Behaviors were featured as part of the show F'ed Up at the Art Gallery of Mississauga, September 6th through November 9th.

atom- r performance in Shawn Decker's Prairie Installation

There is a great video of Field Anatomy, a performance by atom- r (Anatomical Theaters of Mixed Reality) within the installation of Prairie at the Chicago Cultural Center last spring.  Here is a short edited video of the performance (the entire performance was roughly an hour long.  I would encourage you to check out their other fabulous work on their tumblr page (link above).


The Life on a Leaf House and the Sounding Dome Sauna were featured in a New York Times article - The Life on a Leaf House is an Artist's house project by my collaborator in Finland - Jan-Erik Andersson - for which I contributed the permanent sound installation Sound Bridge.  The Sounding Dome Sauna (shown in the slide-show part of the article) is a working "Sound" Sauna created for the European Cultural Capital in 2011 and now part of the artists house as well - with sound bot